AWS Developer Tools


Continuous Integration (also known as CI) is a development practice used by developers to store code using shared repositories. During the day, changes are committed on the remote server, which can trigger automated pipelines to test and build the application, allowing teams to detect problems earlier. Continuous integration is focused on creating and testing code automatically, as opposed to continuous delivery, which automates the entire process from software release to production.

Continuous delivery (also known as CD) is a software development methodology in which automates the release process. Every software change can be set up to build, tested and deployed automatically in production. Before final shipment to production, a person, an automated test, or a business rule decides when the final deployment should take place. While all successful software changes can be launched immediately for production with continuous delivery, not all changes need to be released immediately.

AWS Developer Tools

AWS provides a suite of Developer tools to assist and support the automation process of your software development lifecycle, from Deployment through to analysis and debugging of your production environments. These tools help you release software faster, build value for your company and integrate with other services quickly and easily.

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AWS Cloud9 A cloud IDE for writing, running, and debugging code

AWS CodeBuild Build and test code with continuous scaling. Pay only for the build time you use

AWS CodeCommit Securely host highly scalable private Git repositories. Collaborate on code

AWS CodeDeploy Automate code deployments to maintain application uptime

AWS CodePipeline Automate continuous delivery pipelines for fast and reliable updates

AWS Command Line Interface A unified tool to manage, control, and automate scripts for AWS services, from the command line

AWS CodeStar Develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS

AWS X-Ray Analyze and debug production, distributed applications